Stack Overflow surveyed over twenty six thousand users and learned some very interesting results about the state of programming.

Here are some of the hightlights of the results:

ESPN has launched a new iteration of its public website. This is not an April fool's joke. They did a great job in reaching every device and platform. It's not astounding that 61% of their user base originates from a mobile or tabular device. Key improvements include greater personalization capabilities, better up-to-the-minute social integration, and increased focus on video and media. I like the new cleaner, sleek, responsive design. Great job by the designers.

Some of these are realistic usability concerns. For example, propritary, funded features added to browsers for no reason, have a large distaste in my cyber heart. And although everyone seemingly is using mobile devices at work or while on the john, why do we need to make all views look like a mobile web experience. People still use desktop computers, including this programmer. Hey, why do we need file extensions... cause I said so!

Here are some other reasonable rants:

Thanks to "The Stack" for some end of day ranting pleasure.

In light of this discussion, a revision needs to be made to the classic Good Shit Microsoft image online. Here's a new one!


The Samsung Galaxy s6 has been show to the public. There are two varieties of the phone: the edge and the classic s6. Some of the phones highlights include a unique metal construction, 2560x1440 native resolution, a faster octo-core processor (2.1 quad-core + 1.5 quad-core), 3 GB of DDR4 memory, the Samsung pay service, and Android 5 (Lolipop).

I wonder how many people I work with think this is true? There has to be at least one. The article states there has to be 1 in 10. That would make 12-13 people here. WOW!

See the whole story from Slashdot:

Have an annoying friend or ex calling or messaging you? You can block them quite easy, especially if you have IOS7.

Go to Contacts, Find your contact, Click on the information Icon or go to the bottom. There is an option to block the sender. You can always unblock them, but why would you want to do that.

Main differences here are sizes vs. devices. I adhere to responsive design here at my day job. However, this site and other I create are based on adaptive design principles. They are both great ways to deliver content to users with little maintenance. But the nitty gritty suggests there are issues in performance, scalability, and delivery methods that make these two even more distinct. I left a few articles for you knuckle heads to read!


Guess what? Cortana is real and is the answer to Apple's Siri.

Last evening and today, I have noticed a few threads describing Microsoft's intention to provide a free 8.1 "Windows Starter" edition of the operating system. Like the Chrome OS, Microsoft will be looking to profit off of their search being installed and the ability to profit off of their apps.