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There's a new messaging tool worth watching.

With Facebook's acquisition of WhatsApp, here is something that may impress some concerned with anonymity on the Net. If that even ever can exist. This seems like a great project in theory, but will or can it be realized.

I was coding an elegant solution for a redirect script that required my normal coding stack: HTML5, CSS, PHP, jQuery, MySQL, MSSQL. More than often I may refer to or get a random musing on an premiere SQL solution. An like always, the stack to the rescue.

I read an article on slashdot this morning. It was about the new authors/coders of a tool that would act similar to SnapChat. The premise seems legitimate, however we live in a digital world. There is no either that data travel through undetected. Even if an encrypted source is transferred to a device, do we think that data is safe whether on the device or traveling through the net? And do we think that even though data will be deleted after a duration, can it still not be captured and cracked? Also, do we trust that these companies are actually 'purging' our data?
WhatsApp company purchased by Facebook for just over 19 BILLION dollars!!!

It will cost money for Netflix to have direct access to Comcast's network. How much is unknown, but it will set a precedent for other ISPs to follow. By the way, there still has been no change in obtaining content from Netflix streaming, especially at prime times on the east coast.

Ask Codevila

With hundreds of websites, social spheres, and gurus of the net, many beg the question: where do I find the best web blogs, posts and conversations in our industry?

This question is frequently asked by students, co-workers, and n00bs alike. Here is a list of feeds that can be helpful to follow:

Great little write up on those two billionaires from California. Which ones? The guys that own the website you search everyday. Hey, it goes to show, you DON'T have to be the greatest coder to rule the tech world!

Happy Valentine's Day! PHP 5.6 Alpha 2 has been released to the public. I haven't checked it out yet, but I will be soon! Don't compile it in production!

Drupal 7

A good little write up and instruction on how to include multiple RSS feeds in your website:


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It has only been recent that articles have been flowing on Netflix's slowdown on major internet providers. Truthfully, this has been happening much longer. I can tell you Netflix has been slowed down over a year ago.