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The True Story Of Razer, NovelKeys, And That Big Keyboard

We thought Razer was giving a hat tip to the enthusiast keyboard community by prominently featuring NovelKey's Big Switches at CES--but there was no mention of NovelKeys at the booth. We spoke with both Razer and NovelKeys to understand what happened.

The PSUs Of CES 2018

We didn't see many new PSUs at CES 2018. Most companies held on to their biggest announcements for Computex, which is much more important than CES to the IT hardware market. That doesn't mean the show was bereft of new products, though.

Oculus Now Sells Individual Touch Controller Replacements

Oculus quietly added a new product to the Oculus Rift accessory lineup. The company now allows you to order individual left and right Touch controllers—even if you’re probably better off buying two anyway.

'Sprint Vector' Closed Beta Begins Jan 19

Survios announced that it would be running closed beta testing for its upcoming VR game, "Sprint Vector," from Friday, January 19 until Sunday, January 28.

Seasonic Brings Snow Silent, AirTouch PSUs To CES 2018

Seasonic made an impression in 2017 with its Prime and Focus lines, with the first offering cutting-edge performance and the second delivering an excellent performance per buck ratio. At CES 2018, the company shared plans to release more interesting PSUs.

Marvell Has An NVMe SSD RAID Controller

Marvell 88NR2241 NVMe RAID controller was out at CES 2018. Take two M.2 consumer SSDs, sprinkle some RAID spice and get 1.2M IOPS.

Varmilo Gives 'PUBG' Fans The 'Chicken Dinner' Keyboard

Varmilo’s latest creation is a custom keyboard for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds fans that has two different layouts--the Varmilo VA108M Chicken Dinner (ANSI) and the VA105M Chicken Dinner (ISO Nordic).

Meet The New SilverStone PSUs From CES 2018

SiverStone showed three new PSUs during CES 2018, two high power density units with 1kW and 1.2kW capacities and a high-end passive PSU featuring 600W capacity, which is based on Seasonic's Prime platform.