Toms Hardware

Adata XPG SX8200 Is A Fast 2TB SSD

Adata's XPG division didn't let us down. The company launched the new SX8200 to replace the SX800. The new drive boasts high performance and capacity.

Phanteks Enters The PSU Market

Phanteks made its entry into the PSU market, utilizing a high-end Seasonic platform. The PH-P1200PS model is able to power two systems at once, while the other two PSUs can be combined either together, or with a third party PSU.

Tactical Haptics Introduces Transformable VR Controller At CES

Tactical Haptics revealed a VR peripheral that can be reconfigured for different game mechanics on-the-fly, so you can switch from wielding a sword, using a two-handed weapon, and driving a car, all with the same controller and without leaving VR.

Be Quiet! Releases The Straight Power 11 PSU Line

be quiet!, a German company well known for its silent products, released the Straight Power 11 line, consisting of six members with 80 PLUS Gold efficiency and a new design, offering better performance and increased reliability.

CES 2018: Highlights From January 9

CES 2018 is in full swing. The big companies have made their presentations, the showfloor has opened, and the new products are being shown off to anyone who passes within a few feet of the booths that house them.

The Mainstream Laptops At CES 2018

The likes of Acer, Dell, HP, and Lenovo debuted a number of updated SKUs. Some brought little to show off at CES, but others (cough, Dell and Lenovo, cough) delivered huge additions to their respective lineups.

Digital Storm Goes Micro STX With Project Spark

Digital Storm unveiled a new small form factor (SFF) gaming system called Project Spark, which leverages a micro STX motherboard and MXM graphics cards to achieve its impressively tiny footprint.