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EKWB Water Block Announcement Mentions 'Skylake-E'

EKWB announced the Annihilator EX/EP water block for the Intel LGA 3647 socket. The block features top and side inlets, so it’s compatible with regular and 1U-blade chassis.

HP Announces Intel-Powered Chromebook x2 Tablet

HP announced the Chromebook x2, a consumer-targeted Chromebook tablet with a detachable keyboard. The 12” tablet has a QHD IPS screen and an Intel i7 processor. It can be optioned with an active stylus, as well.

Leap Motion Introduces Open-Source AR Reference Headset

Leap Motion today revealed Project North Star, an augmented reality headset reference design with wider FOV, higher resolution, and a higher refresh rate than any AR system we’ve ever heard of. And it will all be open-source next week.

Zotac Announces Quadro-Powered Q Series Mini-PCs

Powered by desktop and mobile Nvidia Quadro graphics cards and Intel processors, the new Q series is capable of cramming significantly more processing power than an Intel NUC into a footprint that isn’t much larger.

How To Set Up And Join A Workgroup In Windows 10

Windows 10 creates a Workgroup by default when installed, but occasionally you may need to change it. So if you would like to set up and join a Workgroup in Windows 10, this tutorial is for you.

Cougar Shows Off New Cases At PAX East

Cougar was in attendance and pushing out plenty of its peripherals at PAX East, but our enthusiast eye spotted two completely new cases for low-budget and high-end DIY PC builds amongst the orange-accented gaming gear.

Seasonic Releases The Prime Snow Silent PSUs

If you're searching for a white-colored PSU, you will notice that the pickings are slim, especially in the low- and mid-capacity regions. That changes now with the introduction of the new Seasonic Prime Snow Silent PSUs.

EVGA Introduces The PQ PSU Line

Even though its portfolio of PSU products is already vast, EVGA decided to make it even larger with the release of the PQ line, which includes three members with capacities ranging from 750W to 1,000W.

All The New B360, H370, And H310 Motherboards

Intel’s Coffee Lake desktop lineup was sorely under-populated until the launch of the second batch of 300-series chipsets. These include the H370, B360, and H310. And here they are.

Facebook Restricts Data Access As It Admits Abuse Was Rampant

Facebook announced a series of changes, as it acknowledged the many problems its platform had, from the ease with which developers could access user data to how much information it collects in less-than-transparent ways.