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Samsung Unveils Thunderbolt 3 QLED Curved Monitor

The latest addition to Samsung's line of curved displays features Thunderbolt 3 connectivity and, according to the company, is designed for entertainment and business audiences.

'Danck' 40% Ortho Keyboard Renamed 'Contra'

We previously covered the Contra keyboard with its old name: “The Danck Keyboard”. This name was referencing the every-so-popular Planck Ortholinear keyboard from OLKB, which has the same 40% form factor.

Researchers Developing Nanotech Metalenses For AR, VR Headsets

A group of nanotechnology researchers from Harvard has achieved a breakthrough advancement that enables them to create metalenses that support the full light spectrum. These new metalenses could be of great value to the VR and AR industries in the future.

In Win Rolls Out 305 Chassis

If you are in the market for a mid-tower ATX chassis with a tempered glass side panel, the In-Win 305 might be right up your alley.

Intel Disputes CPU Bug Claims

Intel's silence on the "bug" was deafening over the last 24 hours as the story unfolded, but now the company has issued a statement that contends there is, in fact, no bug at all.

Epson Releases OSVR Plug-in For Moverio AR Glasses

Epson announced that its Moverio AR Smart Glasses are now compatible with the OSVR platform. Epson worked with Sensics to create a software plug-in that would ensure compatibility between Epson’s hardware and the existing OSVR software ecosystem.

Intel CPU Bug Performance Loss Reports Are Premature

Reports that Intel and ARM processors suffer a serious hardware-level vulnerability that causes a 30% reduction in performance in some workloads are premature. We're cutting through the FUD to examine what's really going on.

2017 VR Industry Predictions, Revisited

Leading into 2017, we spoke with a number of VR industry figureheads to get their predictions for the new year. As the year comes to a close, we thought it fitting to look back and see how accurate they were at predicting the future.

MacOS Kernel Flaw Could Allow Full-System Compromise

A hobbyist security researcher published a macOS kernel vulnerability in the last day of the year. The researcher didn't notify Apple ahead of time about the flaw, which means it could take some time for Apple to fix it.

Steam's 'Best Of 2017' List Showcases Last Year's Biggest Games

Steam has put together an extensive showcase for the best of 2017, lining out a detailed listing of some of its superlative categories for the year. Following suit from 2016’s expanded year end charts, this annual report of best-selling and top performi

VRTK Developer Calls It Quits, Cancels Fourth Edition

The developer behind the open-source Virtual Reality Toolkit (VRTK) cancelled its plans to release the fourth version of its popular developer tools. The lone developer known as The Stonefox pulled their Patreon page on January 1 and called it quits.