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The Rise Of Cryptojacking And How To Stop It

Over the last few months, we've seen multiple reports of websites using cryptocurrency mining scripts that load along with the website and use visitors' CPU cycles to mine various cryptocurrencies. Here's how to stop them.

Plextor Leaks M9Pe SSD Performance

Plextor just leaked M9Pe 1TB NVMe SSD performance numbers to the world. The leak comes ahead of the January 2 release and prior to the CES showing.

The DDMicro: A 50% BT Keyboard From KBDfans

The DDMicro is a new wireless compact keyboard that features a unique 4 x 14 key 50% layout that can be changed depending on the plate you choose.

Taipower First With Next-Gen SMI NVMe Controller

Silicon Motion's next-generation NVMe controllers are starting to show up in China. The new controllers will help fuel the next round of performance wars, this time on the NVMe battlefield.

Exclusive: Gigabyte RX Vega56, Vega64 Gaming OC teardown

Gigabyte has also started something like a mass production of its own graphics card models with AMD's Vega-Chip and we have managed to get both, the Gigabyte RX Vega56 and the Vega64 Gaming OC, as final retail cards and to be faster than Chinese miners.

SilverStone Announces TP02-M2 M.2 Heatsink Kit

Specifically designed for M.2 SSDs, this kit provides an anodized heatsink, thermal pads for both single- and double-sided M.2 SSDs, and silicone bands for easy, non-permanent installation that won’t damage your drive.

FCC Approves WattUp Long-Range Wireless Charging

WattUp is now the first long-range wireless charging technology to have been approved by the FCC. WattUp can charge devices wirelessly at up to three feet, but the technology doesn't come without its own compromises.

Digmine Cryptocurrency Bot Spreads Via Facebook Messenger

Trend Micro found a cryptocurrency-mining botnet spreading through Facebook Messenger. The malware would appear as a fake video link, which would download itself on user's computers and propagate to the victim's Facebook friends via a Chrome extension.