Snapchat And Your Content

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I read an article on slashdot this morning. It was about the new authors/coders of a tool that would act similar to SnapChat. The premise seems legitimate, however we live in a digital world. There is no either that data travel through undetected. Even if an encrypted source is transferred to a device, do we think that data is safe whether on the device or traveling through the net? And do we think that even though data will be deleted after a duration, can it still not be captured and cracked? Also, do we trust that these companies are actually 'purging' our data?

I use SnapChat and I think it's a fun way to share data without loading your device or managing data. However, I still question whether or not these mediums can deter NSA intelligence in a digital world. Until the ether is proved real for data to be transferred untouched, we have little hope that our privacy will be respected nor coders will be able to create a system with these smart and fun features.

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