Thank The Coding Gods For The Stack... Overflow

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I was coding an elegant solution for a redirect script that required my normal coding stack: HTML5, CSS, PHP, jQuery, MySQL, MSSQL. More than often I may refer to or get a random musing on an premiere SQL solution. An like always, the stack to the rescue.

I remember when this website was still in its infancy. There were very few contributors, no ranking system that I could recall, and it was for coding only. Now there's a stack for everything, and that's not a bad thing. Drupal help? There's a stack for that. Even video games have stacks! It's become a stack overflow, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. The stack helped me yesterday quickly implement a solution faster than most managers can keep up with decision making. Ok... I can do that without the stack. However, it is still quite amazing the metamorphosis of this overflow of answers. I wish I had resources like this as a young computer science student. Don't we all!

What tools do you use online for troubleshooting, finding answers, and getting solutions to any technical problems?

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