Microsoft Is Loading The Feeds With The Words "Free" and "Upgrade" -- That's Rich!

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Last evening and today, I have noticed a few threads describing Microsoft's intention to provide a free 8.1 "Windows Starter" edition of the operating system. Like the Chrome OS, Microsoft will be looking to profit off of their search being installed and the ability to profit off of their apps.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is waging a campaign to weed out apps that are not to par with the stardards set by the company. Also, for the 15th time in 20 years, Bill Gates has been named riches man in the world. IS he giving back? Or is it following a successful model of Google. You decide! Check out these links:

Windows 8 Starter Edition:

Windows Store is weeding apps collection:,26179.html

Bill Gates is the riches man in the world:

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