The Stack: Get These off my Digital Landscape

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Some of these are realistic usability concerns. For example, propritary, funded features added to browsers for no reason, have a large distaste in my cyber heart. And although everyone seemingly is using mobile devices at work or while on the john, why do we need to make all views look like a mobile web experience. People still use desktop computers, including this programmer. Hey, why do we need file extensions... cause I said so!

Here are some other reasonable rants:

Thanks to "The Stack" for some end of day ranting pleasure.

Microsoft Is Loading The Feeds With The Words "Free" and "Upgrade" -- That's Rich!

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Last evening and today, I have noticed a few threads describing Microsoft's intention to provide a free 8.1 "Windows Starter" edition of the operating system. Like the Chrome OS, Microsoft will be looking to profit off of their search being installed and the ability to profit off of their apps.

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